Adrift. Un viaje a

Adrift. Un viaje a "la deriva" y a la deriva. Carlos Rollán Usero

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Juliol 2016


David Torrents

Abstract anglés

The trip is the best school, it teaches us to choose, and questions all those rules, ideas and lessons that have been imposed through the long or short of our lives, by a society that teaches us the roads to follow and not the ones to discover. Traveling rejuvenates, enriches and thrives in all the spectrum to the traveler, the metamorphose he experiments it has been, it is and it will be one of the reasons why people keeps on moving, and that is the reason why we give up to routine. That transformation we feel is as abstract as the reason why we feel it. Sensations, emotions and situations are undetermined and ideal, and that is the intangible which provides a total abstraction and volatility. Randomness is the essence of “la dérive” as a way of traveling, and it is the one that makes magical and mysteriously beautiful the reality you live in. Many times brings you to inescrutable corners, and it awakes an irresistible and exquisite unknown that makes you question where are the boundaries of your limits. That enigma gets partially solved when you find yourself in the metaphoric path of the trip, and I say partially because it is the completion of the puzzle the one that takes us to other directions in search of new sensations and experiences which keep on feeding us spiritually. This lines you are reading now have turned into all the mental maps, analogies, thoughts, representations, pshychogeographies, photographies, texts and more that you will be finding during trip that means glancing over this book. Take your time, chill, breathe and let the adventure begin.